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Dealt rakeback VS Contributed rakeback

Many poker players ask me wether a room uses the dealt or the contributed method to collect the rake. I decided to give some opinions on the two methods and to also provide a list of which method the pokerrooms we list here at Rakebackdeal.com uses. It is not uncommon that a player hits me up on skype or msn and asks me for a rakeback deal and wants dealt rakeback. Be aware that this article will be biased by my own personal opinions. Im sure a lot of you have your own thoughts on the issue, but lets first take a closer look at the two different methods of collecting rake.

The rake is actually how every online pokerroom makes their money and for almost every room the percentages are pretty equal. Few rooms charge more than 5% of a cashgame pot and most rooms have a maximum of $3 per pot (with a few exceptions). When a player has a rakeback deal it gets interesting to know how the rake is distributed amongs the players. Basically we have two main methods to collect rake, the dealt method and the contributed method. Both methods have variations but here is how these methods generally works:

The Dealt Method
When a cardroom uses the Dealt method to collect rake they basically split the collected rake between all the players that are dealt cards in a hand. This means that you do not have to participate in the pot or place any blinds to get your share of the rake. With this method a passive player (one that folds a lot preflop) will earn more rake and rakeback than with the contributed method. The dealt method should also fit players that play on a lot of tables at the same time, as these players wont be able to be active on most of the tables they are playing.

The Contributed Method
When a pokerroom uses the Contributed method to collect rake they split the total rake between the players that contributed money in the current hand. This means that you either need to have played the hand or have been one of the blinds to earn a part of the rake/rakeback. The Contributed method favors active players and for the most part not the players that play a lot of tables at the same time. If you play 1-2 tables at a time and you know that you are more active than the regular player, the Contributed method will probably earn you more in rakeback than the dealt method would have. Many regular players argue that the dealth method is destroying the game as it favors passive players, but most players on the rooms using the dealt method dont even have a rakeback deal so my personal guess is that this dont impact the games alot.

Now you when you know how the two different methods works, lets look at which method the rooms/networks uses:

Rooms/networks using the Dealt method:
Full Tilt Poker
Cake Poker Network (Cake Poker, DoylesRoom)
Ipoker Network

Rooms/networks using the Contributed method:
Merge Network (Aced, Carbon Poker)
Betfair Poker
Cereus Network (Absolute Poker, UltimateBet)
Fatbet Poker
IPN/Boss Media (CelebPoker)
Ongame Network

We have listed a lot of good and solid cardrooms in the left menu. If you dont know where you want to play you may want to follow the croud. Most of our players sign up to Full Tilt Poker and registers for our Full Tilt Rakeback offer. They dont have the best rakeback offer but they surely has the most players and cash tables.


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